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Investing in great digital assets is an investment into the health and advancement of your business. Leveraging these assets will set your business apart from the competition and help to drive revenue.

Every marketing piece  you create contributes to your overall brand. Your brand needs to be consistent to ensure growth and great wat to promote that growth is to be picky about the images you use. Low resolution videos or videos with a filter can negatively reflect your company. Only use videos that have a high resolution and videos that are profesional.

It's increasingly important, especially today, to incorporate videos into your digital presence.

High-quality videos will capture people attention.

Discover  the benefits of using  professional videos on you website, social media platforms, and marketing pieces.

In today's visual world, people are attracted to high quality images that capture their attention. Endless blocks of words will often discourage your target audience from sifting through the information. But, when high quality videos are scattered throughout  the intriguing information, the viewer is invited to explore the content. 

A powerful video is the ultimate aim of working with you. In fact, we have a single goal: to make your business successful online with the strategic use of video.

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Tell me what you need, we’ll talk you through it and give a price to fit your budget

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I’ll work on your ideas, give you some new ones and plan out how the video production will pan out

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This is the fun part where we film all the footage that we’ve agreed on

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This is where we edit your final video and give you your vision complete with graphics, music and our wizardry

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Here you can take the video and start using it or we can distribute it for you and see how far we can make it fly

How does it work?

Giving wings to

your stories

Want to get yourself out there, show people what you can do and attract new customers? Promotional Video services put you in the spotlight and allow you to visually demonstrate exactly why people should be hiring you. 

Visual content, like video, provides a much more compelling experience than written content. Instead of writing about your products and services, show customers how they work in action through product demos.

I am a local Videographer and I create promotional videos, social media video content, film events and provide video marketing solutions to companies that know they need video but aren’t sure how to get the best from it. 

Creating a video is an effective way of connecting with new customers, developing existing customer relationships, and building trust and loyalty. As part of an SEO campaign, it boosts site traffic and increases onsite engagement and conversions.

Brand Videos

The purpose of these videos should be to, in a sense, introduce yourself to your viewers. Tell your audience the story of your brand, rave about your core values, and convince them your company is unique and worth their time.

Customer testimonial video

A great way to attract new business is to have existing customers sell your brand for you. When potential customers see how enthused and passionate your existing customers are, they’re likely to imagine that they’ll have the same experience.

Behind-the-scenes video

If you have an interesting process behind the development, manufacturing, or distribution of your good or service, show it!

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